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  • A valid library card is needed for loaning books. The library card is not transferable to any other person.
  • The reader is responsible for loaned materials. In case of damaged or lost materials the reader is liable for paying for the replacement copy.
  • A patron can only have one copy of a title.
  • Books on loan can be reserved by patrons.
  • Books can be renewed personally, on the phone, or by E-mail in the same library unit it was loaned from before circulation deadline is over.
  • Readers must pay an overdue fine if they fail to return books before the deadline. The overdue fine is 50 HUF/day/item, plus the mailing cost of the notification letter (200 HUF).
  • Upon graduation the Library issues a statement about outstanding debts. In case of unpaid fines, the University suspends the student`s graduation.


Books are marked by colour labels. Colours mean the accessibility of the book (how long?, to whom?).

  • Red: Not for loan or overnight books.
  • Green: Only for designated patrons to loan. Only for university members.
  • Without mark: For any registered patron to loan.

The accessibility of books varies by patron types.

Patrons can also borrow LAN cables and mouses for in-library use.

Patron type Code Max.item Circulation
      Red stripe Lecture notes Green stripe Without any mark

UD students, staff


12 overnight 30 30 30
UD teachers, PhD ED, PH 20 overnight 30 30 30
Anyone over 14 MI 5 - - - 30
Not UD student FF 5 - - - 30