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Kenézy Life Sciences Library has a collection of 300 000 documents, stored on 3253 square meters of 5 floors. Our collection contains documents from the former Kenézy Health Sciences Library, the Library of the Chemistry Department, and documents relating to life sciences from the collection of the University and National Library at the University of Debrecen. You can search for the collection in the online catalogue (OPAC) of the library.


Structural units:



  • The most frequently used books (borrowable and overnight) are arranged by subject according to the categories of NLM and LC. You can find these books on the 1st floor of the library. Less frequently used materials are stored in the stack area, documents are available through filling out a call slip.


  • The most recent volumes of journals are arranged in alphabetical order on the 2nd floor. You can use issues of previous volumes bound on the second floor by filling out a call slip.
    The full collection of hard copy journals is stored on the same floor. The newest issues are stored separatley in daily classification for 2 weeks.

Special collections

  • Theses, PhD dissertations,Candidate dissertations

  • Donations of István Benedek, Félix Szontágh, Lajos Szodoray, etc.

  • History of Medicine collection: publications, bibliographies on life sciences (medicine, biology and chemistry), mostly published in the 1910's and 1920's.

  • Archive of Life Sciences:Publications of Medical and Health Science Centre and the Biology and Chemistry Institutes of the University and faculty publications, and pulications of teachers.

Departmental Libraries:

Institutional, clinical libraries

  • Collections of Institutional and clinical libraries of Medical and Health Science Centre are searchable in the OPAC of UNLD. The use of these libraries are determined separately by single institutes and clinics.