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Copying facilities are available to copy non-circulating materials (with respect for the copyright) in all units of the National and University Library of Debrecen.


Only monochrome copying is possible in our library. If you need colour copies, please visit the Reprography Department in University and National Library Arts and Sciences, 1st floor.


Copying in Kenézy Life Sciences Library


Self-Service Photocopy

Patrons can use self-service copying on the 1st and 2nd floor of the Kenézy Life Sciences Library.

How to use Self-Service Copying

  • A copy card can be purchased (30 HUF) from the Reference Service. You can buy as many credits as you need.
  • One credit equals one page.
  • Additional credits can be added to the card as needed. Unused credits cannot be returned.
  • The cards are physically compatible with all the copying machines, but the credits can be used only where you purchased them.
  • Self-service photocopying is available during opening hours.


Copy Service

The Copy Service can be found on the 1st floor of the Kenézy Life Sciences Library- where public copy service is available. Opening hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. from Monday to Friday

The units of the University and National Library Photocopy



Kenézy Life Sciences Library Self-Service

A/4 - 8 HUF


Copy-Service A/4 - 10 HUF
A/3 - 18 HUF