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Digital Photocopying



Users can take photos of library documents with their own cameras if they keep to the following rules:

  1. You cannot take photos of documents published before 1850, but digitalising can be ordered by users.
  2. You can take photos of documents published after 1850 if you have a written permission of the librarian and under his control.
  3. The user makes a written statement that the copy will be used only to a scientific research, study, or for personal use with respect for the copyright. It won't be used publicly.
  4. Buying a photo ticket is neccessary. Daily photo ticket is available at the Circulation Desk. It costs 1000 HuF. (The ticket is valid with the receipt.)
  5. Taking photos is possible only at predetermined places of the library to avoid disturbing others. (In Kenézy Life Sciences Library this place is the Copy Service, during its opening hours.)
  6. Librarian can refuse digital photocopying if the protection of the document requires so. If digitalising is possible (depending on the physical condition of the document), the user can request it.
  7. Maximum dpi is 300.
  8. Flash use is prohibited!
  9. If the document got damaged during digital photocopying, user has to pay for reconditioning.

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