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Rent of lockers


Lockers can be rented by campus citizens with no overdue obligation at Circulation (ground floor) with a valid library card. Food may not be stored in lockers.

The Library is not responsible for any material stored in the locker!

Locker fees are 4000 HUF for an academic year, 2000 HUF for a semester, 1000 HUF for summer period.

Rent periods:

  • I. semester (Sep. 15 – Jan. 31),
  • II. semester (Febr. 1 – June 30),
  • academic year (Sep. 15 – Sep. 15),
  • summer period (July 1 – Sep. 15).


Locker rent can be extended by paying the actual rental fee with no overdue obligation.

After the overdue date a fee of 50 HUF/day for the locker must be paid. We are sending an overdue notice via Email. Two weeks after the overdue date the locker will be emptied and a fee of 1500 HUF must be paid for changing the lock. Extension is not an option in this case.

Each campus citizen can rent only one locker.