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Patrons may renew their own books before expiry date. For the renewal the bar code of the library card is needed.
Renewal is possible:

  • personally: 4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1.
  • by phone. Telephone: 52/518-610, 52/518-600/65781 ext. or 61911 ext.
  • via e-mail: Kenezy-loankukaclib.unideb.hu All e-mails will be answered.
  • through the catalog (OPAC) of the library (Watch out for warning messages.)



How to renew using the catalog (OPAC)

  • Choose OPAC, or follow the steps: kenezy.lib.unideb.hu-> Catalogs-> Local
  • Click on Patron Data, type in the library card number (barcode) and the password (the default password is your birthday, if you were born on 31th January, tha password is 0131).
  • Click on Renew in the proper line.
  • Watch out for new dates and warning messages.


Renewal rules:

Items borrowed on different days have different expiry dates. Books should be renewed on all dates indicated on the book's card.
Overdue fine is 50 HUF/book/day. New books cannot be borrowed, old ones cannot be renewed in case of unpayment.


Renewal is not possible if:

  • all renewal options are used,
  • the item is reserved,
  • a fine is not settled,
  • the patron has any other outstanding fine (postal fee etc.)


Patron type Code Renewal
    Red stripe Lecture notes Green stripe Without any mark
UD teachers, students, staff, PhD DO, DH, TO, TH, PH, EO, HO, JO, ZO, KZ, YO, AO, IO, GO, IH, HH, JH, ZH, KH, YH, AH, GH, BH, EA - 5 x 30 5 x 30 5 x 30
Representative KD - - 1 x 30 1 x 30
Anyone over 14 MV, MI - - - 1 x 30
Not UD student FF - - - 1 x 30