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Stack service

You can order a book from the stacks even from your home with the help of a call slip. If the patron has a valid library card, the call slip could be filled in with the help of the OPAC, by clicking on „Checkout”.

It is not possible to send a call slip requesting books from the Reference Library and the Open-shelf System, those could be found easily with the help of their call number in the above mentioned area.
Fulfilling requests is continuous during the stack opening hours. Waiting time is about 20 minutes or maximum an hour.
It depends on the number of requests.

Requests sent after closing time will be fulfilled next work-day, 30 minutes after the start. There is no stack service during the weekend.
Calls sent during this period (and after 7 p.m. on Friday) will be fulfilled on Monday morning.

The requested document is kept for you only for a day, on the given floor that was specified by You in your call.
Next day the document will be sent back to the stack, if You did not turn up to borrow.