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Biológia - Biology





In English

Animated tutorial: Biology : Graphics, video, and animations on biology.


Biology Workbench: The Biology WorkBench is a web-based tool for biologists. The WorkBench allows biologists to search many popular protein and nucleic acid sequence databases.

BioLib: Biological Library (an internatinal encyclopedia of plants, fungi and animals): Apart from taxonomic system you can visit our gallery, glossary, vernacular names dictionary, database of links and literature, systems of biotopes, discussion forum and several other functions related to biology. It is a non-commercial educational project intended to be used both by experts and general public. Its content can be expanded by user contributions.

FASEB (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology): Quality Life trough Research: FASEB has consistently provided educational meetings and publications to disseminate biological research results.

Interactive resource for learning biology


Kimball's Biology Pages

MIT Biology Hypertextbook

Molecular Biology

NCBI Taxonomy Browser

Online Biology Book

Thomson's Biology Browser

Virtual Library Biosciences