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Gyógyinfok: Az Egészségügyi, Szociális és Családügyi Minisztérium Gyógyító Ellátás Információs Központja

Med-Courier: Egészségügyi Információk



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Bioinformatics Links Directory

Community of Science

Diseases, Disorders and Related Topics

Faculty of 1000

Faculty of 1000 is a new online research tool that highlights the most interesting papers in biology, based on the recommendations of over 1000 leading scientists.


Global Health


Hardin Meta Directory

Healthcare Freeware

A free virtual library of hundreds of on-line databases of information, downloadable software, and lots of other interesting resources for healthcare professionals and the general public.

Health Care Specialty Areas

HON: Health On the Net


HONselect is Health On the Net's new search integrator for strictly medical and health queries. HONselect combines five information types - MeSH® terms, authoritative scientific articles, healthcare news, Web sites and multimedia - into one service to focus and accelerate your search.


A virtual library of Internet resources relevant to faculty, students, and research staff at the university level. It contains useful Internet resources such as databases, electronic journals, electronic books, and more.

Internet Gateway to Health Resource Links

TMA Internet Gateway to Health Resource Links is designed to help you locate appropriate and authoritative health information. Large meta-sites are organized for physicians to offer a wide array of clinical information The site contains a variety of information related to clinical trials, practice guidelines, and evidence-based medicine, links to many full text journals and journal web sites.

Martindale's Health Science Guides
The site includes medical dictionaries, on-line medical journals, interactive patient cases, and more.

Medical Matrix

Medical World Search For subscribers only!

MedicineNet Only with subscription.

Medinfo in English
Home page of the Hungarian National Institute and Library for Health Information




Reuters Health Information

Science Daily

Scirus, launched by Elsevier Science, is a comprehensive science-specific search engine.


The Megasite Project
A Metasite Comparing Health Information Megasites & Search Engines

TRIP Database

The TRIP Database searches over 75 sites of high-quality medical information. The TRIP Database gives you direct, hyperlinked access to the largest collection of 'evidence-based' material on the web as well as articles from premier on-line journals such as the BMJ, JAMA, NEJM etc.


UpToDate is the largest clinical community in the world dedicated to synthesizing knowledge for clinicians and patients.

Virtual Library: Medicine and Health


WebMedLit offers easy access to the best medical journals on the web by scanning premier medical web sites each day and extracting the available citations, abstracts and full-text articles.